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New Design and Features (v1.1)

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Published 11 October 2018 13:53 (567 views)

Articool's initial launch was on the 16th of October 2017, but only some of my trusted friends and colleagues had access to the platform in order to

set an example for future authors and demonstrate how the platform should be used.

Close to a year later, on the 16th of September 2018, Articool had it's official public release. The version of Articool which was released included the core functionality, and on my reddit/SideProjects announcement I wrote:

Articool is not in its final state, and still has a lot to improve on - but if you want to be a part of the journey, you're more than welcome to! The core functionality, however, is all in place. We can grow together :)

My biggest wish has always been for Articool to be a platform for people like you to express your feelings, thoughts and interests. With all of this being said, I was not happy with the design which the platform was released with. I really wanted to completely restructure the frontend, and update its design. So I did that. I spent long schooldays and weekends figuring out what the best possible design could be. I started sketching up different type of designs, and eventually landed on one - the one you're experiencing right now.

I figured since I was off school for a week, and recently got the flu, what better time than now would it be to start coding on the redesign? You're right! This was the perfect time. The last seven days has consisted of hard work, blowing my nose consistently, and sweat to bring this new redesign out. In the timespan I worked on this, it was mostly spent on the new design concept, but I tried my absolute best to include some new functionality with this update. With that, authors, I'm happy to announce that Articool now offers some new functionality alongside it's brand new design.

New Features (as of now, more to come)

  • Saving drafts
  • Uploading background images to articools
  • Extensions
  • Canonical support

Saving drafts

While writing an articool from your profile page, you can now choose either to publish it straight away, or save it as a draft so you can work on it until you're happy with it before you publish it. It's important to note that drafts are only visible to you, no one can see it before it's published. Drafted articools will be marked as "drafted" on your profile, and on the post itself.

Uploading background images to articools

It is now possible to upload an image to represent your articool. This image is displayed behind your articool box, and before the text on the post page. It is not required to use a background image, and you can always change it later, or remove it if you wish to do so.


We've added a new extensions tab in your user settings. The more achievements you unlock, the more settings you can change on this tab. The current extensions are few, but you have the ability to change your profile background color once you reach 1,000 people. How many people you currently have reached is displayed on your profile under your description. It is important to note that this tab will not be visible to you unless you have unlocked at least one extension.


We added this functionality to help with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, as you may have heard before. Setting your text as canonical, in theory, means that the exact same text you published here on Articool is to be found elsewhere on the internet. If your text is published in a news magazine, blog, or any other platform before you shared it on Articool, you have to set it as canonical and add a link to the place where it is to be found.

That is about it for this update, hope you enjoy it! You can always contact us on email at or if you have any questions regarding this update, or any ideas and thoughts for functionality you'd like to see on the platform.