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Articool - upcoming article platform!

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Published 8 September 2018 02:31 - Updated 7 October 2018 01:37 (193 views)

Hello, fellow readers!

2017 is soon coming to an end, and with that I would like to announce something I have been working on the past couple months: a platform where you are given the opportunity to express your feelings, thoughts, and interests – free of charge. You can write about politics, social issues, literature, or anything on your mind.

What is it and why?

Articool is an article platform designed to improve communication between authors and readers. Its simplistic design makes sure the reader stays motivated and focused throughout the whole text. You can be assured that there will be no interruptions while reading articles, this including no advertisements.

Reading a post on Facebook can sometimes be difficult. This is due to the amount of extra stuff on the page – from messages and notifications to other blinky stuff that can possibly distract you. After you have read an article on Articool, you are given the option to share it on other social media platforms.

In the starting phase, I am only allowing certain authors to write articles on this platform: I want to set an example for future authors and demonstrate how the platform should be used. I hope to see more people interested in displaying their writing on Articool in the future – maybe you’ll find the inner author in you!

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