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how to concentrate mind

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Published 31 March 2019 04:03 (160 views)

Concentration of mind is one of the most vital factor in today's life.Without it we can't do anything As it is said 'A sound mind is the dwelling place in a sound body'. There are many factors that causes to our unstability in mind, disturbing the thinking process also.And it is also different from person to person.Our society,surrounding,environment and many more things are responsible to make a mind unstable....But everything has a solution and so also it has.This has already been proved world-wide.Everything you have to do it in regular  basis....1.sit down easily as you like  in (sukhasana), eyes closed. 2.take deep breath .3. exhale slowly uttering the word 'AUM',MAKING IT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.4. continue the same process minimum to 21 times daily irrespective to situations. On a daily basis it helps to decrease our sugar level in blood,helps solve our problems.